Culture: A Mister Africa Togo to defend the country to Accra

LAVERTE – 13/03/20 – A Mister Africa Togo to defend thé country to that among the 12 candidates retained at the Sale on Saturday March 7, will be selling Togolese culture in November in Ghana? Among 19 candidates who fostered his talents in the different outings during the casting in front of a clinics of guests and a jury, only 12 will take the competition. The following will be the will of the juris of the July. The Lye, the latter will be representing the country of Sylvanus Olympio alongside the candidates of which were expected to increase in Vhannel for the Great. Final Galean, the latter to be given the greater of which at the beginning of the 9-6 November 2020 will have a heavy charge of the United States through several humanitarian and social actions in several localities of the country according to the organizing committee. The drafting of the Green is a good luck to the different candidates.


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